Cannabis Resources

Thank you for visiting the Concord Medical Centre! We covered a lot of information at your appointment. Below are a few resources for you that we’ve discussed. If there’s something not covered here, we are here to help so please make sure to contact us!

Cannabis 101

Get familiar with the basics of medical cannabis by clicking here and visit our education page.

Choosing Your Licensed Producer

Your Licensed Producer (LP) is who you will buy your product from. Each producer has their own pros and your Cannabis Coach will be able to help you choose one that is a good fit based on your needs.

A few things to consider when choosing your Licensed Producer are:

  • Quality of product
  • Availability of medical products
  • Customer experience
  • Compassion pricing
  • Consistency in medications

You can find the full list of Licensed Producers in Canada through the Health Canada website by clicking here.

Consumption Methods

There are several methods to consume your medicine. Your physician may have directed you to consume in a specific way, or you may want to explore what works best for you. Click here for an overview on consumption methods. If you are using edible oils, we recommend that you ‘start low and go slow’ – you can view a sample dosing schedule by clicking here.


There are many educational resources available to you online.

Here are a few other resources for you to explore:

If you have questions that are not already answered in our FAQ, please reach out to our patient care team by email or by phone at 778-433-8653.