For Physicians

Interested in learning more about the Canadian medical cannabis program or Concord Medical Centre services? Here’s some helpful information.

Concord Medical Centre is a multi-disciplinary cannabis clinic like no other. We are not a dispensary, and sell no cannabis. The Concord team consists of cannabis-trained nurses,  pharmacists,  physicians, and coaches (patient navigators, who help the patient chose and register to purchase the final cannabis product best for their medical need), all working together to ensure that the patient receives the best and most comprehensive care, without cost to the patient. Our approach is patient-focused, but we are also a research hub, gathering data still lacking about the medicinal properties of cannabis. We follow our patients regularly for ongoing patient education, and so we can better track those properties.  We are hoping to shed more light on indications for medical cannabis, on dosing, on when to use THC vs CBD, on whether terpenes make a difference in patient response, on clinical side effects, and more.

If you are a physician looking to learn more, here are some resources that may be helpful: – Project CBD hosts a database of clinical studies investigating CBD’s efficacy in treating various conditions.

Click here for a comprehensive Health Canada guide for physicians prescribing cannabis, detailing the medical indications of cannabis, its pharmacodynamic activity, as well as risks of use and side-effects.

Alternatively, you can contact Dr. Jean Paul Lim, the Medical Director at Concord Medical Centre.