Our Journey

Concord Medical Centre was built on the belief that accessing medical cannabis shouldn’t be a complicated and costly matter. We wanted to create a free service for anyone who wished to consult with experts on the potential benefits of cannabis. We began our journey with medical cannabis May 2018 in Victoria, BC as the first research-based, multi-disciplinary medical cannabis clinic. Back then, we were called Cannabis Medical Centre. Despite the fact that medical cannabis had been legal since 2001, we opened at a time where recreational cannabis was still illegal.

Having ‘Cannabis’ in our name proved to be a significant barrier for people to access our services due to the stigma associated with it at the time. It wasn’t long before we changed our name to Clarity Medical Centre. Word spread across BC as we expanded our services to Vancouver, Terrace, Kelowna, and Dawson Creek!

We offered comprehensive, in-clinic consultations with nurses, pharmacists, and physicians, who all worked together to determine if medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment for your condition or symptom. After receiving a medical document, cannabis coaches assisted you in choosing the best medical cannabis product for you based on the doctor’s recommendations. They would help with your Licensed Producer registration, and give you all the tools you need to start ordering and dosing your medicine.

Our Journey Video


On our first anniversary, we rebirthed as Concord, it means “harmony between people”. Today, Concord Medical Centre still offers the same comprehensive services, virtually. Our team is comprised of compassionate professionals dedicated to helping you along every step of your medical cannabis journey.

We look forward to seeing you soon!