Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our patient care practices and navigating the Canadian medical cannabis application process.

Where can I find Concord Medical Centre?2020-06-30T19:04:19-07:00

Concord Medical Centre started operating virtually due to the coronavirus. Thanks to your positive feedback, we have decided to continue using a virtual platform for the foreseeable future. We have multiple locations throughout BC should an in-person consultation be required.

Can I get a letter from CMC stating I’m fit to work?2018-03-17T21:59:51-07:00

Because patients have access to a wide variety of products, strengths, and formulations, and because patients have final say in what products they order and consume, specific recommendations can’t be made regarding workplace safety. Fitness for work should be assessed by a patient’s response to their regimen, and whether the effects of that regimen produce impairment in the individual, including slowed reaction times, altered decision-making, and/or drowsiness.

What is the difference between recreational and medical cannabis?2020-06-30T19:29:20-07:00

Recreational cannabis was made legal in October 2018 for adults age 19+ (BC). These products are regulated and sold by government approved establishments or online. These products are predominantly THC, and are considered for recreational use only with a public possession limit of 30 grams of dried cannabis or equivalent. Cannabis has been legal for medical purposes since 2001. It is important for those with medical conditions to consult a medical professional to determine if cannabis is an appropriate treatment option. Medical cannabis products are only accessible with a medical document from an approved prescriber. Medical patients have access to a wide selection of both THC and CBD products, and may benefit from compassion pricing and/or insurance coverage. Medical cannabis products also qualify as a year end tax deduction.

What is a Licensed Producer?2020-06-30T19:16:32-07:00

A Licensed Producer is a company certified by Health Canada to produce medical cannabis under a strict set of regulatory guidelines.

What’s the best way to use my cannabis?2019-04-11T10:25:06-07:00

This will vary from individual to individual. However, at Concord we believe that the oral route is likely safest with the least possibility of causing long term harm than any of the inhalation products.  If inhaling, though, a vaporizer with a water filter is recommended over simply “smoking a joint” as there is less harmful chemicals inhaled through a vaporizer.

How long should I expect to wait before I can order?2020-06-30T19:18:18-07:00

Licensed Producers have variable processing times; it usually takes 24-72 hours, but can take as long as 7 days before your application is processed. You may be able to receive updates on the status of your application by phoning your Licensed Producer.

What if I don’t hear back?2020-06-30T19:19:18-07:00

If you’ve been waiting longer than 7 business days and haven’t received a reply, please contact us at the clinic nearest you you.
Vancouver Island: 778-433-8653
Lower Mainland: 604-336-9995
Northern BC: 250-975-0683

Can I legally purchase medical cannabis products at a dispensary?2018-03-04T23:00:23-08:00

Unfortunately, no. Health Canada requires that all cannabis prescribed to patients is produced by a Registered Licensed Producer, and delivered directly to their door.

Can Licensed Producers sell Concentrates or Edibles?2020-06-30T19:20:11-07:00

Under current regulations, Licensed Producers may carry only dried cannabis flower, infused oils or food items. Licensed producers are prohibited from carrying concentrates (shatter/wax/budder).

Will I get a card?2018-03-04T23:01:52-08:00

A patient ID card is provided by some licensed producers, but carrying it isn’t a requirement. It’s much more important to carry your prescription label, which contains identifying information and assures your legal right to possess cannabis.

Can I legally grow my own cannabis?2020-06-30T19:24:55-07:00

It is legal in Canada to grow up to 4 plants (per household). If you do not have any experience growing cannabis, we recommend you start there. Concord Medical Centre in general does not assist patients with growing their own cannabis.  Since Concord does not usually complete medical documentations for growing purposes, please contact us directly and we can point you in the direction of clinics able to assist you.

Are there affordability programs for low-income individuals?2018-03-04T23:04:47-08:00

Many Licensed Producers offer compassionate pricing programs to help cover the cost of your medicine. If you’re interested in learning more, please make a member of our patient care team aware at your appointment! You can also look through the FAQ sections of individual LP websites, and check out patient-centred forums (like Lift.co).

I’ve heard you can choose more than one Licensed Producer, is that true?2020-06-30T19:30:11-07:00

Yes, you can. You may choose one Licensed Producer at your first appointment, and if your needs aren’t met by a single Licensed Producer, you will have the option to split your prescription at your follow-up appointment.

Will there be follow-up appointments?2020-06-30T19:30:49-07:00

As mandated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, regular follow-up visits will be necessary to maintain your prescription. We are obligated to cancel your prescription with your Licensed Producer if you do not attend.

Follow-up appointments are a good time to ask questions and discuss what worked, what didn’t, and any issues or side-effects you may have noticed with your medication. At this time you may also change your Licensed Producer or split your prescription.

Can a family member or medical care provider join my appointment?2020-06-30T19:37:51-07:00

You are welcome to have a support family member or friend with you. Members of your medical care team are also welcome if needed. Please let us know before your scheduled appointment day if there is someone joining your appointment who is at a different location than you, so that they can receive an invitation (video consultation) or phone call as required.

How do I book an appointment?2019-02-06T10:56:22-08:00

For online booking please visit https://concordmedicalcentre.com/make-appointment/.

You can also book an appointment through our patient care team at:

  • Victoria: 778-433-8653
  • Vancouver: 604-336-9995
  • Terrace: 250-975-0683
What should I bring and not bring to my appointment?2018-03-04T23:07:09-08:00

Please bring a piece of photo ID, your provincial health/care card, and any necessary medical documentation to your first appointment. Please note that our office is scent-free to better serve those with sensitivities. Service animals are welcome with supporting documentation, but we unfortunately can’t allow pets on premises at this time.
You are welcome to bring a support family member or friend with you if this makes your visit more comfortable!

Can I use a third-party consultant service to get in faster?2019-04-11T10:26:17-07:00

The services Concord Medical Centre provides are free to all patients. Concord Medical Centre does not offer priority booking and is not affiliated with any third-party services. We make appointments solely through our booking service, and caution anyone seeking an appointment to avoid any third-party service or consultant altogether.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?2018-09-27T11:17:01-07:00

Yes.  As this is a specialty clinic a doctor’s referral is required.

How much will my appointment cost?2019-04-11T10:26:51-07:00

We believe accessing medical cannabis is already difficult enough – any patient seeking an appointment with Concord Medical Centre will not be charged for our services, including educational events.

Which Licensed Producer should I choose?2020-06-30T19:39:30-07:00

Every Licensed Producer offers a unique list of strengths and weaknesses. During your appointment, it’s encouraged to discuss your needs with your physician, who can offer some guidance on the strains and formulations offered by different Licensed Producers. After your appointment, your Cannabis Coach will be able to answer your questions about Licensed Producer pricing, processing times, consistency, and quality in depth.

Navigating this system can be tricky, which is why our trained team of Cannabis Coaches is there to help!

(Click here for a current list of the licensed producers in Canada.)

Can I travel with my medicine?2020-06-30T19:40:58-07:00

Traveling within Canada is allowed as long as you have your medical document, but do NOT travel across international borders irrespective of whether cannabis is legal at your destination.

Can I get a copy of my prescription?2019-02-06T11:24:15-08:00

Yes.  Every patient will receive a copy of their medical document/prescription free of charge.