Medical Cannabis

Concord Medical Centre aims to change the way patients access Medical Cannabis by creating the
first of its kind research-based multi-disciplinary clinic, where our team-based approach focuses
on you as a patient. Our team of nurses, pharmacists, cannabis-trained physicians and specialists,
and coaches will all work together to ensure you are properly assessed, educated and
prescribed if appropriate, and then to monitor your response and potential side effects through
this medical journey. Your care doesn’t simply stop with a prescription!

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Clarity, Rebranded – Meet Concord Medical Centre

We’ve gone through a rebranding to Concord Medical Centre. Don’t worry, we offer the same great service, just with a new name.

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Medical Cannabis

Concord Medical Centre makes it simple for new patients to access legal medical cannabis products in Canada, and streamlines the process of registering with a Licensed Producer.

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Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Care

Concord Medical Centre is changing the way Canadians access cannabis. Working with Canada’s top federally regulated licensed producers we provide our patients with free access to experienced medical professionals and the widest selection of cannabis available.

Expert Opinions

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Our team is composed of compassionate and highly qualified physicians with experience prescribing cannabis.

Compassionate Care

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Concord Medical Centre was built on the belief that accessing medical cannabis shouldn’t be a complicated and costly matter – our services are offered free of cost and judgement.

Quality Medicine

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We want to ensure everyone with a prescription has access to quality, lab-tested cannabis and cannabis-based medicines.